Today it was a rainy day here in Oulu. But it was quite warm still so we decided to go and have a sauna and swimming with my family. I went to swimming in the river delta nearby. As I was swimming in that cool water I realized how beautiful it was too see all those raindrops falling to the surface of the river. I could see thousands and thousands of splashes of water appearing and vanishing quickly. They all formed circles of ripples around them.

I came to thought how complex it all was. Countless raindrops creating ripples on the surface of the river. And there were also wawes coming from the river flows, bouncing back from the river banks. Millions of little whirls affecting each others and disturbed by the winds and the rain.

As I moved my body in the water I could see little waves forming and moving away from me. I could predict, in approximate, the waves before moving my arms, but it would have been impossible to predict those accurately.

I was thinking that even though all this movement of waters was really complex phenomenon, it was still quite linear. It wouldn’t have been possible to calculate all that movement that was happening, but still it was just matter moving because of some simple laws of nature – the movement energy of the river flow, the raindrops falling, the shape of the river banks, the temperature of the air and the water, the movement of my body, etc. Even if there were billions of raindrops falling and all the complexity of the river delta itself, it was just movement of the matter. Without me being there and thinking about it, there would be no meaning in all that movement. It was the movement of my thought that was creating a meaning to all that.

I was thinking that how much more complex our social processes are. Even if there would be just few people involved in a certain process, there are always the whole life experience of those people involved. All the life experiences, memories, dreams and responsibilities. The complex game of meanings that are ever changing, finding some fixed positions for a short while and changing again. All the communication taking place, the identities forming and transforming, the goals emerging and vanishing within the movement of time.

It is almost a religious experience to be in the moment and see all this clearly for a short period of time. To feel the coldness of the water on the skin, to feel the water making slowly room for the arms to move, to feel the raindrops on the face and see all those little insects flying and dancing just above the surface, providing jumping fishes a snack. Seeing how wonderful it is to think, create meaning for something that has no meaning itself. And then … just be part of all that.