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This month I’m celebrating the 1st anniversary of this blog. The blog was originally started on last July to study the approach called Wu Wei Coaching – an approach I have built during many years of practical experience and study of few different philosophies that are applicable for me (e.g. solution focus, complex responsive processes, narrativism, dialogism, reflexivity, mindfulness). During the year I noticed that my posts covered also many other things than Wu Wei. The main thread has been complexity, organizations and social phenomena.

I wasn’t expecting many readers for this blog – I thought that perhaps there would be few dozen people interested in these topics. However, on the 1st of July this year my blog reached 10000 views! In the world of internet it is possible to get lots of readers from anywhere in the world. I’m very happy that my thinking has been useful for so many people. I don’t know what are the reasons people visit my blog, but obviously there has been more than 10000 reasons to do so. 10000 is also a special number in the sense that in many old Chinese practices, such as Chi Gong, it is used as a synonym for “countless”.

As a retrospective, I wanted to make a list of 10 most popular posts I have written. Perhaps you can find something interesting from them:

There is no Organization! 1,428
Three ways of seeing organizations – Complexity and Performance Evaluation Systems 900
Wu Wei Coaching – an introduction 465
Postmodern Organizations – Agile Protest Wave 359
Metrics Fetishism – Alienation of Work in SW Development 311
See What Is Not There – Coaching on the Right Side of the Brain! 242
The Fundamental Patterns of Ethics in SW Organizations 231
Social Complexity – What does it mean? 194
About 187
Moral and Organizations – Why Systems Thinking Can’t Work 161
Quit Complaining! – Solution Focused Interviews 161

Thank you all for your interest and support! Without readers I probably wouldn’t have motivation to write so many posts (45 so far)…