I started working in SW industry in 1999. I have developed applications and engines for e.g. Palm OS, Symbian, and Qt. Early in my career I found out that the People & Interactions interested me as much if not more than technical stuff. I started studying psychology and group dynamics in 2002. In 2005 I became a project manager and team leader, utilizing Solution Focused techniques with success and also became certified ReTeaming coach.

I started to start studying agile SW development methodologies in 2005, when I realized they incorporated the same principles of empowerment and decentralized leadership which I was promoting in my teams also. I became certified ScrumMaster in 2006 and played a big role in the agile transformation happening in my organization.

I started working primarily as a coach in 2008, when I was an engineering manager of a technology area. I gave up all formal authority that I possessed through my job titles and started to work with people from the same hierarchical level instead. In 2008 I started to study complexity sciences with the help of Ralph D. Stacey and Douglas Griffin. I found their theory of complex responsive processes to provide theoretically consistent view to what was actually happening in the organizations I worked with. I became more and more dissatisfied with the ideological stance that agile methodologies were using.

In 2010 I established my own company which provides training, consultancy, counseling and psychologist services. I finished my 2,5 year long formal education in process consultancy and supervision in 2012, which was based on social constructionism and included studies in dialogism, narrativism, reflexivity and solution focused techniques. In 2012 I started to formulate my own style of “Wu Wei Coaching“, which incorporates the thinking frameworks that I have found useful in my work.

In 2015 I finished my studies in (clinical) Psychology and currently I work as a licensed psychologist. I am also doing my post-graduate studies in the field of educational psychology, focusing on the role of temperament traits and cognitive ability on school achievement.

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